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Our knowledge and experience in Mortgage Finance is unparalleled. We have closed million of dollars in mortgage loans for first and second time buyers. ECFS Continues to seek out creative avenues to assist those clients that do not fit the mold for traditional financing.   

  • Down payment as low as 1% available for Qualified Borrowers

  • Federal Down Payment Assistance program


  • First Time Buyers

  • Owner Occupied/ Non Occupied

Purchasing a house as a first time buyer can give you a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction. Obviously, that satisfaction reached is not without it's share of challenges. It comes with exploring a labyrinth of industry terms and language, concealed plans and irreconcilable situations. It's anything but difficult to feel underprepared, overpowered and outgunned as a first time home-buyer. 


From finding the right neighborhood to picking a home loan and closing the credit loan, we've mastered the tedious administrative tasks enabling us to walk you through the procedure in an informed and orderly fashion. Excel Credit and Financial Services has counseled with specialists from around the nation. We’ve dealt with the people who’ve done the deal, made the mistakes and are eager to share what they’ve learned. And with a staff of hundreds spread across the nation, many of us have been through the home buying process ourselves.


Buying a home in order to build equity is one of the main financial reasons prospective buyers jump into the market. At least that was a major factor prior to the financial crisis of 2008, when the U.S. housing market suffered widespread losses. Homeowners and prospective homeowners may now look more closely at the costs and benefits of such a large transaction.


Yet while the sobering effects of the housing crisis may have prompted a more cautious approach by buyers who are more realistic about the level of equity they can build in their homes, the drive to be a homeowner remains strong. It's mostly about freedom: The ability to paint the walls whatever color you want, or know that a landlord is not going to raise your rent or ask you to leave.


When you are prepared to buy your first home, we are prepared to help you through the whole process. You need clear directions, and the opportunity to take simple strides, avoiding curve balls. We will inform you about the mortgage process, and guide you through to a speedy, bothersome close. 


Give us a chance to walk you through the home loan process. Together, we will investigate your home credit choices, and set you on a path to become pre-approved. We will reveal the procedure and accessible alternatives for first-time home purchasers. When you are prepared, we will make sure that you are preapproved so you can be prepared to make the most grounded offer when you locate your ideal home.

Refinancing Home Loan
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Refinancing Home Loan

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Refinancing Home Loan
  • 2nd Mortgage


  • Jumbo Loans up to $2,500,000


Where do you imagine your next home will be? A lodge in the forested areas, a shoreline house, a downtown apartment suite, or straightforward rural neighborhood. A second home is the best way to deal with assurance the outing never closes. Your second home is an extraordinary spot, with interesting home asset thoughts. We should get you there. 


Second homes will have uncommon thought's for cash related and advancing necessities. We can offer you some help with deciding the sensibility of a getaway home, and guide you through the specific crediting essentials that are required for your second home. With our colossal decision of advance choices open, we can find the perfect financing for the other home you have been yearning for. We can tell you the requirements critical to make your nation bequest a reality.


Refinancing Home Loan

Lowest Rates based on availability and underwriting approval.  

  • 1-4 Residential Unit Properties 

  • Manufactural Housing

  • Stated Income for Qualified Borrowers

  • Rapid Credit Rescore

Commercial Real estate

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